Web Tool

Thanks to the internet, web-based solutions give you the flexibility to work from almost anywhere.

Run a report, schedule a regular report, view existing reports, update your team or extension details… all online, 24/7.

The Eurocom Web Tool is designed around the robust Sentinel reporting engine, and reports are available whenever you need them, not just when scheduled. Wherever you are in the world, in whatever time zone, you have access to the information you need over the internet, using any standard browser, or even your smart phone. Running on an SSL (SHA2 256bit encrypted) platform, the Web Tool lets you run your own ad-hoc reports, set up or view scheduled reports, or even manage your team, department or extension range.

As a Web Tool user, you’ll have access to your own unique pre-agreed report templates. If you need access to a previously run report, you don’t need to worry about downloading it, as all reports are securely stored at our data centre.

Running reports is straightforward, once you are familiar with the interface. We also provide telephone support, and have help files, if you need any guidance.