Service Level Analysis

Increase customer satisfaction, by cutting call waiting times.

We’ve all been there… waiting on hold for a company to actually answer the phone. The frustration can put off potential customers, and irritate existing ones. No matter how large or small your business, customer service levels are crucial to maintaining and growing profits. A happy customer is a paying customer, and will be more likely to recommend you.

Your Potential Problems:

  • Not knowing your busiest calling times.
  • Not having enough advisers to answer the calls.
  • Losing business because of slow response times.
  • Not knowing how long your customers are waiting before getting through, or even before they hang up.
  • Not knowing how many times a customer has heard a busy tone when they try to call you.

Our Solutions:
We can help in many ways, including identifying your busiest times and how many calls were answered in a specific time frame. Other useful information we can provide includes how long customers are waiting before their call is answered, and how many calls are abandoned before they are answered.

Our flexible Service Level Analysis reporting is designed to work for departments, teams or single extensions. It helps the manager, operator or advisor to know how well calls are being answered within specific targets, which is invaluable in busy call centres. This information can help you decide if a team should be given bonuses for performance-related campaigns, or if you need to allocate more resource to hit your targets.

Timed Internal Reports
Our reports help identify your busiest time of day, and the number of simultaneous calls you receive in this period. This helps you to calculate the number of advisers you need to give your customers the best chance of getting through, and in the shortest time.

Call Analysis
After identifying call volume, the next step may be to work out if your systems are set up to maximise your advisors’ productivity. For example, are some extensions receiving the bulk of calls, whilst others only receive a few?

We can also run Answer Analysis Reports, to help you identify whether advisors are spending long enough with customers; for example, if they are allowing time to give regulatory information.

The Benefits to Your Business:
Having access to easy-to-understand, tailored reports, showing how long potential customers are waiting could be the difference between winning and losing business.

Knowing your busiest times lets you make informed decisions about how many advisors you need to give your customers the best chance of getting through, in the shortest time.

By monitoring call volumes, we can help you assess return on investment for promotions, by measuring if there has been an increase in calls following a campaign.

Eurocom has a huge suite of reports, designed to match every user’s need. Our flexible reporting systems let you see all the information you need, and none of the information you don’t, for the ultimate in clarity. You can then make quick decisions, based on accurate findings.