Scottish recruitment firm partners with Austrian firm in major deal

An opportunity has been granted to a brand agency firm located in Edinburgh that deals with the executive search and recruitment for expanding its business. This comes prior to its selection by the united kingdom to associate with a UK firm that is based in Vienna-headquartered global executive search group Talentor. This firm conducts its functions in many states that are twenty eight in number.

The chief executive, Nicki Denholm who is also a founder of the Scottish firm expressed his joy after being called up on by the Vienna firm. After being contacted, he registered his acknowledgement when he discovered that the Denholm and Talentor were having the same perspective of attending to the business issues. The teaming up of the two firms, one being local and another one a worldwide company would ensure that many talents will be identified through combined efforts in executive search consultancy that will lead to more skills being identified both to local and at the international level.

Furthermore, the executive chair person of Denholm, Mr John Denholm had his comments. He admitted witnessing and feeling the benefits of the team work between Talentor and Denholm. He also added that the working corporation between them and Talentor clients was already underway. The chairman said that their alliance happened at the very opportune time when they were looking forward for the United Kingdom departure from the European Union (Brexit). This was a well planned move of looking into the issue of inadequate talents among individuals that were situated locally.

Moreover, the chief executive director of Talentor, Mr Michael Sarsteiner presented his views from the Vienna firm commenting on the Austrian firm. He said that since the Australian firm focuses on conducting executive research internationally, he suggested that the alliance between Talentor and Denholm would make use of borrowing ideas from the local firm. This technique could help identify more talents that were based locally and as a result get more benefits.

The views of Mr Michael Sarsteiner did not end there as he had more to add on what he said earlier concerning the culture, reputation, performance and the people of Denholm. He said that their alliance was made possible by the fact that Denholm had a good character and its performance was appealing. The cultural activities of the people in Denholm was also attracting. Basing on the above mentioned issues, Talentor had an assurance that their alliance with Denholm will perfectly suit to their worldwide network.

Finally, Denholm presented its mission and goals for the year 2018 by stating the stipulated strategies that would ensure its success. He said that it will majorly rely on adding more level assignments for the board. He also said he will ensure that its offices located in Edinburg and Glasgow will develop to the expected standard levels. Brand new wins for customers will also be incorporated into the firm. Other benefits that will accompany the wins are the ScotRail, National Galleries, a Scottish investment trust and Hilton globally. The combination of all these necessary steps and actions will eventually raise the income.

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