Fraud Prevention

Minimise the risk of fraud, by identifying irregularities in call patterns.

Did you know that fraudulent telephone usage costs millions of pounds each year? Our telephone call management system identifies potential fraud, so you can take immediate action, before the costs spiral.

Your Potential Problems:

  • Employees making personal calls to overseas numbers, which is a theft of the call cost as well as the cost of your employee’s time.
  • Hackers exploiting flaws in telephone exchanges or voicemail systems, to dial out from your network, making you pay for a calls to expensive destinations.
  • More structured approaches, either internal or external. For example, premium service number diverts being applied to extension numbers. These are easily set up and if you don’t notice, can quickly add up to hundreds, or even thousands of pounds worth of call charges.

Our Solutions:
We use exception analysis on your call logs, which quickly identify potential problems, so you can take immediate action. Existing trends are considered to be rules. Breaking these rules becomes the exception and is potential fraud.

The Benefits to your Business:
Our insider knowledge quickly identifies potential issues, whether caused by a technical failure or a potential fraud attempt, so these can be investigated before costs spiral.