Data Collection, Storage and Analysis

Eurocom’s network of high-performance systems collect, process, store and analyse data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures the delivery and integrity of high quality data, day after day.

We write and maintain all of our own software to collect, process and present telephone call data from a multitude of sources. Our hardware is also designed and configured in-house, letting us collect and transmit telephone data efficiently and securely.

Our in-house development allows us to be extremely responsive to the market and customer demand: quick delivery is our focus.


We developed our Multi-Port Data Collection Unit (MDCU) to collect serial data from a huge range of telephone exchanges. The MDCU is a small, computerised memory unit that can collect, store and transmit telephone call record data. This data can be analysed to produce statistical reports. The MDCU is simply connected to the PABX call logging port (CILE) on site, via a V24 serial communication port.

Configured remotely from the Eurocom service centre in Shefford, the connected MDCU compresses and holds in memory the collected information, ready to be transmitted automatically to the data centre.

We supply various models, ranging from a single port MDCU to a five port MDCU with alarm capabilities. Your MDCU is shipped with all the cables and fittings you need, and is simple to install. You just need an exchange port, phone socket and mains power to start collecting data.

You can use a simple protocol convertor with the MDCU to collect data from TCP/IP interfaces. This provides a converged solution with similar levels of security and reliability. Other methods of automatically importing data include collection by email attachment, CD-ROM, IP extended connections (FTP, VPN etc.) and other open standard formats.


All data is stored at our secure data centre, based on standards set out in BS 7799 and ISO/IEC 2700x.

Our uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), mirrored RAID arrays, multiple site and multiple server backups, archive backups and restricted access all ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information from a network of high-speed computer systems.

Logically and physically segregated storage of information and in-house designed and developed software means that physical disk drives can easily be added, to extend space for data and provide seamless scalability of the Eurocom service.


Eurocom’s software has been designed in-house from the ground up, specifically for telephone call management. Our fast data processing reduces lead-time for customer requests, and ensures speedy delivery of reports and analysis information.

Automatically generated reports are available on a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc basis, and you can choose your own time frames. We can provide reports in a number of standard formats, including Excel and PDF and we can send them via email, fax or post, (CD or paper).  Most people use email, and we can set your reports to arrive in your inbox before you get to work, or whenever you like.

Out of hours reporting is available via the Webtool, letting small office or home office workers access reports from almost anywhere.