Cost Management

Make sure you’re not paying too much to your telephone provider.

Unfortunately, finding out the actual cost of your company’s telephone usage isn’t always as simple as reading your carrier’s invoice. Multi-vendors, volume discounts, least cost routing and carrier pre-selection, to name but a few, all complicate the validation process.
Your Potential Problems:

  • Not knowing the true cost of your telephone usage.
  • Uncertainty over the accuracy of vendor invoices.
  • Not getting a volume discount.
  • Being overcharged.
  • Not knowing where your costs are coming from.
  • The discount rate you negotiated not being applied.

Our Solutions:
Validate invoices
Eurocom can apply numerous tariffs, either published, or bespoke, to the telephone call traffic we are monitoring. This makes it quick and efficient to compare vendors, to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Maintaining multiple tariffs helps cost management teams to validate invoices accurately, and gives them the information they need to negotiate the best new tariffs.

Audit phone calls
Using an accurate telephone call log means you can quickly and efficiently trace calls, without needing to trawl through lots of recorded conversations. A simple search using the Eurocom Sentinel can identify when, or if, a call was made or received, the call’s time and duration, and even the extension number of the person who received it. This information could be vital, to confirm that an important call was made, to validate a sales or support call, or even to resolve a disagreement.

Cost recovery
Eurocom is able to break down the cost of calls back to individual extensions, departments, or cost centres, using sophisticated linking and merging techniques. Uplift or discount techniques also allow for real costs to be attributed, as and where required.

The Benefits to your Business:
Delivering accurate and useable data saves you and your company valuable time and money. We helped one company save £10,000 a month: when they saw the data we provided, they realised that the carrier had not applied their procured rates. This was just for one carrier, so you can see how much money can be saved by getting accurate and timely data.