Capacity Management

Save time and money by optimising your telephone network capacity.

Making sure you have enough phone lines is crucial to providing your customers with an immediate response. But having too many could be equally costly; renting unused routes or circuits is a considerable waste of money.

Your Potential Problems:

  • Not having enough capacity to receive all your customers’ phone calls.
  • Losing calls.
  • Renting too many lines, and wasting money.
  • Lines being mis-configured.
  • Not having contingency for extra busy periods.
  • Not fully utilising your VoIP or VPN.

Our Solutions:
Eurocom’s suite of capacity management reports lets you calculate the probability of losing calls. By monitoring your current traffic and applying algorithms like the Erlang, our reports work out how many lines you need to fulfil your traffic requirements.
We use Peak or Busy Hour analysis to work out when your lines are most and least congested, helping you allocate your resources accordingly.

Our Utilisation and Lines in Use reports can be used to advise your network administrators which lines are not being used, or are potentially mis-configured. Recovering your unused routes can offer real savings.

Convergence of data and voice traffic is a key area, with the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other protocols, with bandwidth requirement being of utmost importance. Capacity management analysis allows users and managers to define the amount of a particular type of voice traffic that is considered normal. This information helps a network administrator to better judge the impact of moving this traffic over to a data network, both in terms of utilisation, and cost.

The Benefits to your Business:
Knowing how many lines you need could preserve your reputation, as well as save you money. Reliable reports help you manage your future growth, and allocate resource accordingly. Understanding your capacity will improve the quality of calls for your customer, meaning a better end-user experience.