Eurocom develop custom hardware and software solutions to monitor and manage your company’s telephone network. We fill in the knowledge gaps, so you always have the full picture.

Our secure solutions collect, store and present your company’s telephone call record information, to help make your business more streamlined, efficient and cost effective.

Our fully-managed services analyse and present your data in easy-to-understand reports, which let you monitor and improve your networks and systems. This helps you manage the cost and capacity of your phone service, improve customer service levels, and prevent fraud .

With decades of experience, and countless happy customers, Eurocom was established in 1993, to design and provide bespoke call management solutions that save you time and money.

Eurocom provide the equipment and the expertise, so there’s no investment in hardware or software, no costly staff overheads, and no training needed. We do it all, providing tailor made-solutions, with secure, reliable, timely, and accurate analysis.