Which types of business are most likely to go insolvent in the UK?

Latest news from the published statistics by the government reveal that quite a number of companies could close down as a result of losing large amounts of money. Basing on the latest research findings, approximately a total number of business enterprises becoming insolvent in the year 2017 was about £ 23.4 billion. As a result


Scottish recruitment firm partners with Austrian firm in major deal

An opportunity has been granted to a brand agency firm located in Edinburgh that deals with the executive search and recruitment for expanding its business. This comes prior to its selection by the united kingdom to associate with a UK firm that is based in Vienna-headquartered global executive search group Talentor. This firm conducts its

HR department

Why HR departments need to improve their understanding on the impacts of automation

Recent discussions have focused on why HR departments need to improve their working understanding on the impacts of automation on their workforce, with the potential automation of skilled tasks meaning that workers will actually reduce in their skillsets. In the recent past, industrialization played a critical role in displacing human labour in many factories. With